What's it going to cost?

Our packages detailed below are flexible, and options from higher-grade packages can be included in lower packages as optional extras. For example, if you're a small business and only need a single page website, but you have 20 staff needing email accounts registering - we can negotiate the option of adding more email addresses.

In some instances, you may already have a website that just needs updating with your new branding or more recent content. Because every website is different, you can use the above packages as a guide but we would encourage you to get in touch with us for an accurate quotation. Sometimes, websites are simply too outdated to update - so it may be that we simply lift some of the content from your old site into a shiny new one, at a reduced rate.

Our packages

Package Benefits Cost
Basic Perfect for self-employed trades and one-man-band outfits. Our most common package gets you started with a .com or domain registration for you or your business, single email-account setup/forwarding, and a single-page landing-page style website. Single-page sites are sleeker but still have different sections for highlighting your services, showcasing your work and providing your contact details. We use our pre-formatted templates with flexible designs and colour schemes meaning your site could be up and running in as little as a few days. If they're needed, we can source royalty-free stock images to feature on your site. £249
Intermediate Taking things a step further, you'll get the option of a more in-depth single-page site or multi-page site with up to 5 pages - or a hybrid of the two, like our site. Each page can follow similar schemes and layouts or it can be indepedently structured to suit your required content. Gallery features for numerous images, such as a portfolio of your work, come as standard. We'll source high quality royalty-free stock images as placeholders for your content or to keep in your final project. You'll also get a bespoke customer enquiry form for your website that we can customise with a range of options. £349
Advanced For far more in-depth sites with extensive pages, content and media - our top-tier package has all of the benefits of the above packages with a little more gusto. Up to 20 pages with multiple email accounts set up as standard. The advanced package also covers e-Commerce / marketplace sites. £499
Bespoke One-size doesn't fit all when it comes to websites, so whilst we offer the above packages "off the shelf", we're happy to work with you on a bespoke, tailor made deal to include everything you need (and omit anything you don't), so you only pay for what you really need. POA

Domain registration

As standard, all our packages above include a standard .com or domain, with the first year's registration included in the package cost. It doesn't happen often but sometimes particularly desirable domains come with a hefty price-tag on registration. If your desired domain is subject to a high 'one-off' cost, we'll discuss this with you and work to either find you a suitable alternative, or arrange a one-off bill if your heart is set on your perfect domain.

SSL Certificates


Websites protected by an SSL Certificate bear a padlock symbol next to the web address and this means the data passed between you and the website is encrypted for your safety. Google ranks sites and pages that are secured higher than those that aren't, and many customers are wary of sites not protected - particularly where your site collects information such as contact details or even payment details.

For most sites, a basic SSL Certificate is more than sufficient but for larger sites or those that process payment details more advanced security might be required - we can discuss the options with you but we are equipped to fulfil your project's needs.

Hosting and aftercare

With our basic and intermediate packages, six months of web and email hosting is included as standard - this runs from the date your site goes 'live', as agreed by us. After six months, you can opt to pay for hosting quarterly, bi-annually or annually. Our hosting costs are modest, with most packages being covered for as little as £5 per month - this includes email accounts.

Advanced packages, by design, are more complex - so we'll work with you to agree on a fair and cost-effective hosting and management solution. With any of our packages, if at any point you decide to move on to another provider for your hosting and/or website management we would be sad to see you go, but we'll work with you and/or your new supplier to acheive a hand-over with as little disruption as possible.